Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sammy Winder

Sammy Winder was a running back for the Broncos from 1982-1990. He wore number 23. Winder was a two-time Pro Bowl selection (1984 and 1986), and was a key player on the Broncos during the 1980's; assisting them to three Super Bowl appearances. In his 9 seasons, Winder rushed for 5,427 yards and 39 touchdowns, while also catching 197 passes for 1,302 yards and 9 touchdowns. He was known for a signature touchdown celebration that he called the'Mississippi Mud Walk'. Before his NFL career, Winder played football at The University of SouthernMississippi. I will always remember his 2 touchdown game in the 1989 AFC Championship game. When he scored off of a pass from John Elway, the camera was shaking from Mile High being so loud and shaky from the fans going wild. If I ever find a clip of it, I will post it here.

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maplewood said...

The Mississippi Mud-something?