Friday, July 18, 2008

Keith Bishop

Keith Bishop played guard for the Broncos from 1980-1989. He was originally a 6th round draft choice out of Baylor. He wore #54. He is most famously remembered for uttering the words "Now we got em right where we want em" during the 1986 AFC Championship Game. This was at the beginning of "The Drive" when the Broncos were at their own 2 yard line and down 7 in the fourth quarter. Obviously, the Broncos won that game, and Keith's words have lived on. He participated in the Strong Man Competion early in his career. Notice the nice sumo thong thing he is wearing in the picture. He now works as a DEA agent based out of Virginia.


Jody G said...

I had the greatest crush on Keith Bishop when I was in college. I went to UNC where they had their summer training camp back in the 80's and this is the crowd that I remember!! Thanks, love your blog!

Ghulam Subhani said...

Keith bishop is now my boss here in afghanistan, he is a great man, there are few good people like him in this world i am damn serious