Monday, April 20, 2009

Greg Kragen

Greg Kragen was a defensive tackle who played 9 years for the Broncos from 1985-1993. He wore number 71. He was elected to one Pro Bowl in 1989. Undrafted out of Utah State, he was cut his first year by the Broncos, but made the team his second time around. He ended up playing 1 year for the Chefs, and then was selected in the expansion draft by the Carolina Panthers when the joined the NFL in 1995. He played 3 years for the Panthers before retiring. He was undersized as a defensive tackle and was well known as being scrappy, and even made the All-Madden team one year. He is also widely known for enjoying Gatorade and for having less than desirable pictures on his cards. Somehow, he always seemed to be squinting. I think it is a conspiracy by all of the football card manufacturers, but all of my querees to get to the bottom of it have turned up empty.

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slwiers said...

Wow, I bet those cards aren't worth much!!